NFPA's Exterior Façade Fire Evaluation and Comparison Tool—EFFECT—is intended for use by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to assess a portfolio of high rise buildings where there is a concern that the exterior facade systems include combustible materials.  The tool aids AHJs in prioritizing buildings in their jurisdiction, conducting initial fire risk assessments of each building, and identifying those building that have a highest priority for inspection.  EFFECT is based on a Fire Risk Assessment methodology developed by Arup with peer review and technical input from Jensen Hughes as part of NFPA's project on High Rise Buildings with Combustible Exterior Façade Systems: Fire Risk Assessment Tool.  The tool is applicable in any geography but is currently limited to residential (hotel, apartments) or business (office) type occupancies that are over 18m high where height is measured as the vertical distance from fire department access level to the top most occupied floor of the building.  Please visit for additional information on fire risks from exterior walls.


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